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5 Gifts Your Gamer Valentine Will LOVE

Need gift ideas for Valentine's Day 2022?

Check this list out - hope this sparks some interest or ideas!

Heads Up: My posts may contain affiliate links! If you buy something through one of those links, you won't pay a penny more, but we'll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. Thanks!

#1 God of War Video Game GamersGate


  • PlayStation Exclusive

  • Newly PC Compatible

  • God of War is 2018 GOTY (Game of the Year) for it’s compelling story, immersive gameplay and long ongoing journey of our her Kratos!

  • A game beloved by all gamers!

  • Click on the link below to view more game selections:

#2 Computer Upgrade

PC Origin


  • Do you see that your computer setup is struggling?

  • Finding specific pieces for the best PC build is hard, let one of the leading computer gaming companies help narrow that search down and give you the high end specs you need!

  • Getting the best quality for streaming and gaming could be hard, origin helps get you some of the best pieces and quality.

#3 This Adorable Dinosaur Plushie

Subtle Asian Treats


  • Decorate and assemble your own army of cuteness!

  • These little plushies would be amazing accent your backdrop while your Valentine streams, games, or creates content!

#4 This Fox Chair Warmer Plushie

Subtle Asian Treats


  • Sometimes sitting by a window to get the best light leaves you in a SUPER ICY ROOM, get a furry friend to warm your tush!

#5 Extra Long iPhone Charger Cords



  • The endless battle of finding a charger when you need it, or it being WAY out of reach is one we all share.

  • Invest in one of these and having to unplug and replug goes away!

Extra Bonus Item:

Travel Cord Organizer Pouch



  • Cord organization is a monster, not finding the right cord or simply not knowing if you packed it or not.

  • This keeps things in order and functional. Every gamer needs one, especially when traveling to your next big project.

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