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Video Producer, Content/Social Media Manager, and Creator

Aside from being passionate about my family, I love creating video content, video editing, and helping creators grow.

I love to help others, thus my venture to help content creators to share their stories, content, and memories through social platforms!

I have 14 years of experience in video editing. I have edited a variety of content from vlogging to event conferences to now the popular, Youtube and TikToks (short vertical videos).


I'm always seeking to learn more and expand my skills!


Below you will see a variety of videos that I have edited! 


2014 - Present

Content/Social Media Video Editor

I started as video editor using Video Media Maker on Windows 2000 and here I am expanding to Adobe Premiere Pro and much better graphics.


It's 2023 and I absolutely love what I do now. I am able to help others share content that expresses their personality and what they desire. 

July - December 2022

Social Media Manager

Creating a content strategy for business and clients. Social Media Management includes multiple social media platforms in which I edit and upload media targeted for existing audience as well as expanding into other audiences.

2017 - 2019

Videographer + Photographer 

I launched my own newborn and family photography business and ventured out into wedding videography. Let's just say too many weddings... can lead to major burn out.

& Expertise

  • Content Video Editing

    • Color Grading​

    • Visual Effects

    • Audio Mixing

    • Sound Effects

    • Minimal Animations

    • Subtitles/Closed Captions

    • End Screens/Outros

    • Specific Callouts​​

  • Audio Production

    • Podcast Editing​

    • Audio Mixing

  • YouTube Thumbnail Creation

  • Social Media Management

  • YouTube Channel Management

  • YouTube Data + SEO Analytics

  • Transcribing

  • Translating (Spanish, English)